Gallery:  From Concept to Creation

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(Client names/addresses have been censored and some photos have been cropped, as to provide client privacy)

Brick Road
This rustic home has lovely brick pathways leading to the back courtyard and entertainment space, as well as colorful and water-saving erosion control on the slopes surrounding the property.

Sweet Serenity Landscape Designs - Fallbrook, CA
Park Perfection
These homeowners wanted to transform their small-scale backyard into a park-inspired entertainment space.

Sweet Serenity Landscape Designs - Fallbrook CA
Cool Colors
This design was built around a pre-existing pool and concrete patio, providing some much needed color and drought-tolerant planting selections!

Sweet Serenity Landscape Designs - Fallbrook, CA
Green Acres
A residential rimmed by steep slopes was given a dressing of woody groundcovers and shrub groupings, with some screening along the perimeter and a bioswale to aid in rainwater retention.

Sweet Serenity Landscape Designs
This Mission Bay home begged for a formal style and plant palette, so we obliged with rows of pitt/boxwood and gardenia hedging, some colored ground cover to break up the green, and variegated shrubs to add pops of color. Sweet Serenity Landscape Designs
Form and Function
This small residential yard was designed around a pre-existing shade structure and fire pit area, adding curved walkways and rock/bioswale drainage for gutter run off.
Curves Ahead
Front yard design with curves and focal areas for entertainment and aesthetics. Sweet Serenity Landscape Designs
Entertainment Tonight
A backyard plan with lots of room for guests and activities! Features lush tropical plants and groundcover, as well as a lazy river pool and grotto. Sweet Serenity Landscape Designs
A simple side job along the pool edge of color and scented shrubs. Sweet Serenity Landscape Designs
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