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Sweet Serenity
About Our Company


Sweet Serenity Landscape Designs is a north San Diego County based Conceptual Landscape Design (CLD) company. 

With our head designer registered as an acting member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD), we specialize in color combination, drought  tolerant planting, rainwater harvesting methods, and 'do it yourself' designs that allow even novice gardeners to prepare their own landscape, install it, and maintain it!

We believe in the power of nature. 

The joy of getting your hands dirty. 

The connection between yourself and the living world around you.


   Here at Sweet Serenity, we are focused on providing you with a redesigned landscape space that allows for entertainment, education, and personal reflection!

Together we can take your yard from simple, to SERENITY!

Sweet Serenity Conceptual Landscape Designs is not a licensed contractor:

  All drafts must be reviewed by a contractor prior to any professional installation. 

It would be our pleasure to provide contractor references upon request.